To insert a chart using drag and drop

  1. In the System Tree (left pane of your display window), select the Data Sources tab (on the bottom) to display the data sources.

  2. NOTE: If the System Tree is not visible, select Show System Tree from the Application menu.

  3. Select the appropriate data source folder in the System Tree. The data items appear in the pane below.

  4. Click one item (or multiple items, by holding the Ctrl or Shift key on your keyboard and clicking the items) and drag into the display area on the right. A rectangular outline shows behind your mouse pointer. Release the mouse and the Configure New Object window appears.

  5. Select the type of chart you want to use with the data source.

    • If you select Variable SPC Chart or Attribute SPC Chart, you must also select a specific chart from the corresponding list box.

  6. From the Template list box, select the template to use for the chart (or accept the default template).

  7. TIP: If your company uses a standard template, you may not need to make any changes to the chart's configuration options.

  8. Click the Next button. Add the necessary data source items and configure the data source as required.

  9. NOTE: The specific configuration options for the data source will differ depending on the type of data source used. Refer to Data Sources for more information.

  10. Click Finish. The chart appears.

  11. Switch to Run mode to run the chart or double-click the chart to configure it.