Web Control

Web Control Properties | Configuring a Web Control

The Web Control is an object that allows you to embed an instance of Internet Explorer in a display, for the purpose of running a web page or launching a PDF report inside a Proficy Portal display. When you configure a Web Control to launch a web page, you can specify the web address to use in the window, or alternatively, you can use a WebSource. A WebSource is also a web address; however, it is a complex URL that provides additional flexibility through the use of parameter queries. For more information on WebSources, see WebSources.

During run-time, the web page or PDF report is loaded into the Web Control and you can access web page elements just as you would in a normal browser.

The Web Control can be used as a target for linking via the URL. For example, you can set up a List Box with a list of URLs and link the List Box to the Web Control. During run-time, the user can then select from a list or URLs to load into the Web Control. For more information on linking objects, see Parameter Connections. Additionally, the Web Control can be used as a target for linking via WebSource parameters. For more information see WebSource Parameters.

NOTE: Configuring a Web Control with a Proficy Portal display's URL (that is, running a Proficy Portal display in a Web Control) is not recommended.