Adding an expression

  1. Start the Expression Builder. How?

  2. Load a pre-existing expression. How?

- or -

Select the Data Sources tab and add the data sources you want to use in the expression. How?

  1. Select the Edit Expression tab and create your expression.

    • To create expressions, you can type directly in the text area at the top of the Edit Expression tab, or you can use the buttons provided.

    • To add a data source alias to your expression, select an alias from the drop-down list and click the Data Source button.

NOTE: Use caution when creating expressions with operands that have different data types. For example, if you want to combine a historical source with an SQL source, you may be able to perform calculations as long as the data types are numerical; however, operations such as multiplication, division, and so forth, on operands with data types such as Date-time and String, values are inherently undefined. Expressions with such incompatible data types would return unexpected results.

  1. Test your expression. How?

  2. If you want the expression you created to be available to be loaded in other objects, save the expression as a file. How?

  1. Click the Save button to save the expression.

  2. NOTE: When you save an expression, it is saved only for the current object.

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