Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis is a useful method for conserving bandwidth and space on your display. Instead of placing several constantly-updating analysis objects on the display, you place a single datalink object with links to up to 5 charts or grids. If the user wants to see an analysis of the data being displayed, he or she can select it from the datalink object's context menu. When an analysis object is selected from the datalink object's context menu, it will appear in a popup window.

Quick Analysis can also be used with any shape object or group of objects. During run-time, the user can right-click on a shape and the components that are configured to appear as Quick Analysis objects will appear. To configure Quick Analysis for a shape object, right-click the shape and choose Animations. On the Basic Animations dialog box, select the Quick Analysis tab.

When you configure Quick Analysis, you must specify the type of object, the template that will load for the object, and the data source for the object. The title of the pop-up window and the title that appears in the context menu can also be provided, if necessary.

Quick Analysis Interaction

Quick Analysis objects can interact with other objects in the display when they are linked. For example, you can link a Time Component object to pass the start and end times to a Quick Analysis Time chart. In Run mode, the user can select a new time on the Time Component, and then right-click the datalink or group and select the Time chart. The chart will be updated with the new start and end times. For more information on linking objects, see Parameter Connections.

In addition, the run-time toolbar can be used to update the time on a Quick Analysis object if the template that the object uses is configured to allow display-level time updates.

Quick analysis is designed as an analysis tool only. For example, when using a grid with Quick Analysis, you cannot insert, update, or delete rows.

TIP: Adding a caption that directs the user to right-click the datalink is a good way of letting him or her know that the object has been configured for Quick Analysis.

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