Properties | To configure a datalink

Datalinks give users a flexible tool for displaying individual data values from a specific data source and writing data back to the data source if it allows writebacks. The data source you are retrieving data from determines the information you need to configure in the datalink, as the following table shows:

When retrieving data from...


A relational database

  • An SQL statement

  • The columns used by the statement you want to display.

A real time data source (OPC, CIMPLICITY, or other)

  • A tag

  • The data items you want to display.

An historical data source

  • An historical tag

  • A start time

  • An end time

  • The method used to calculate values

When datalinks show historical or SQL data, it is not possible to use the datalink to enter data from the run-time environment. However, you can write to OPC, iFIX, or CIMPLICITY data sources by selecting the type of entry you want to use from the Data Entry Type field.

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