Tree Object Properties

Use the Tree object to display data in a hierarchical manner. The Tree object is available in the Enterprise Edition of Proficy Portal.

Refer to the following for property descriptions:

See Also

The Tree Object

Tree Object in Run-time

Table 72: Properties in the Edit Tree Configuration Dialog Box 




Add branches button

Allows you to insert new branches into the tree

String value. For multiple branches, place each new branch on its own line

Edit node name button

Allows you to change the name of a branch in the tree.

String value.

Delete button

Allows you to delete the selected node, child node, or leaf. When you delete a node, all child nodes and leaves within the node are also deleted.


Data Bound

Select this to add data source items to a tree. This will enable the data source browser and advanced settings, and expressions buttons.


Manual Entry

Select this to manually add items to a tree. Refer to Populating Trees for more information.


Add button

Opens the Data Source Browser.

See Data Source Browser Properties.

Delete button

Deletes a data source.


Add Expression

Opens the Expression Builder.

See Expression Builder Properties.

Advanced Settings button

Opens the Advanced Settings dialog box for the selected data source.

See Advanced Settings Properties.

Configured data sources fields

Displays the configured data sources and expressions for the tree objects.

Configured data sources.

Display data bound children as grid option

Enables the display of data within a tree grid.

See the The Tree Object section for more details.


Configure Grid button

Opens the Grid Configuration dialog box where you can configure the grid.


Group data by selected column option and list box

Groups data in the tree by the column selected in the list box.

Configured data sources.

Expand this node option

Automatically expands the selected node.

Selected node.

Add Tags button

Opens the Data Source Browser.

See Data Source Browser Properties.

Add strings

Adds strings as nodes to a tree. This is useful for creating parameters for use with other objects

String value. Separate multiple entries by placing each entry on its own line.

Delete Selected item

Deletes the selected item.

Selected item.