Alarm Indication

Some SPC charts can be configured with a set of rules that will trigger indicators of out-of-control conditions. Charts that support alarm indication are XBar, Range, XBar-R, Sigma, XBar-S, Moving Average, Moving Range, Individual (Run), C, P, Np, and U.

Each chart that supports alarm indication has an Alarm Tests tab on its configuration dialog box. Use the Alarm Tests tab to identify out-of-control conditions. When a condition is met, data is plotted in the set color (red by default) and the alarm condition is shown in red in a Tool Tip box. Alarm rules can be disabled as a whole, or specific individual rules can be disabled.

The following example shows failed alarm tests on an XBar chart. The red squares over the plotted points indicate the out-of-control condition at those points. If Tool Tips are enabled for the chart, place your mouse cursor over the alarm indicators to see the value-specific information and which alarm test has failed.

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