Using Category Charts in Run-time

Run-time tasks specific to Category charts include the following:

Select Category chart type

After a Category chart has been configured, you can switch the type of chart during run-time. For example, if the chart displays as a Line chart, you can switch the type to either a Pie or Bar chart. This allows you to view the data in different ways.

To select the Category chart type during run-time, right-click the chart and select Bar Chart, Pie Chart, or Line Chart from the context menu. The chart type that has been selected appears with a check mark in the context menu. When you switch the type of Category chart, you may want to use the Display Series in rows option, depending on how the chart's categories and series are set up. For more information, see Display Series in rows.

Alternatively, the Category chart type can also be selected from the chart's configuration panel (Chart tab).

Display Series in rows

Bar, Pie, and Line charts use categories and series to display data. A category is a logical grouping, such as the months of the year, or the types of electronic components you are manufacturing. A series is a measurable value, such as the temperature of the number of components made.

How the category chart uses categories and series depends on the type of data it is configured to display. During run-time, you can swap the series and categories so that the series in the chart use the rows returned by the data source. In cases where you want to switch from one Category chart type to another, this feature may be needed to display the data in a meaningful way.

To show rows as series, right-click the Category chart during run-time, and select Series in Rows from the context menu. To turn this feature off, right-click and select Series in Rows again. The check mark beside Series in Rows in the context menu indicates the feature is on.

For more information about using series and categories in Category charts, see Categories and Series.

Show Category chooser

Pie charts have an optional Category chooser that allows you to select a specific category to display. In the following example, the chart is showing the percentages of total sales per product (category name is Total). From the Category chooser, you could select the UnitsInStock category and the percentage of units in stock per product would be shown on the chart instead.


The Category chooser can be hidden if it is not relevant or will not be used. To show the Category chooser, right-click the Pie chart and select Show Category Chooser from the context menu. To hide the Category chooser, select the option from the context menu again (the check mark indicates that the feature is on).

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