The Viewing and Organizing Results Area

The area at the bottom of the SQL Statement Builder is for viewing the text of the SQL statement as you build it, and for viewing and organizing the results of a query as you execute it. Three tabbed screens appear for a SELECT statement: Results, Select/Sort, and SQL Statement.

The Results tab is useful for testing statements before you use them in Proficy Portal displays. It is updated when you successfully execute a statement. The returned data appear, and you can rearrange the order of the columns within the results. For more information, see the Ordering and Sorting Returned Data section.

The Select/Sort tab allows you to sort, delete, and edit the items in your SQL statement, and to sort groups and names or rename columns. For more information on advanced selection, see the Select/Sort section.

The SQL Statement tab gives you the text of the SQL code that you build in the canvas. You can copy this text and paste it into other SQL editors. For information on copying text from other SQL editors into the SQL Statement Builder, see the Editing SQL Statement Text section.

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