Troubleshooting M1 Hardware Key Installation

If the hardware key does not install properly, Proficy Portal will run in Demo mode.

First, check to see that your hardware key is firmly attached. Next, uninstall and reinstall the driver for the hardware key. If this driver has been incorrectly installed, it may behave unpredictably.

You can also use the KeyDiag utility to find out if the hardware key is installed. Run this utility and if 'No license available' appears in the License Style box (Licensing Info tab), your hardware key is either not installed properly or is defective. For more information on running KeyDiag, see KeyDiag Utility.

Troubleshooting the Aladdin HASP USB Key

If the Aladdin HASP USB key does not appear to be working, you can reinstall Proficy Portal Licensing to recover from the improper install. When the Aladdin HASP key is not communicating correctly, you will notice that the indicator light at the end of the key is off.

To reinstall Proficy Portal Licensing, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall both M1 Licensing and Proficy Common Licensing (from the Add/Remove Programs Windows control panel).

  2. Insert the Proficy Portal installation CD in your CD-ROM drive.

  3. Browse the CD and open the License folder.

  4. In the License folder, run M1Licensing.exe.

  5. In the License folder, run ProficyClientInstaller.exe.