WebSource Editor Properties

The following options are available on the WebSource Editor dialog box:




Parameter Name

The name for the parameter that is used by the web service.

Any valid parameter name.

Visible Name

The name that is used by Proficy Portal when the parameter is being linked.

Any characters.


A description of the parameter.

Any characters.

Default Value

The value for this parameter that is sent to the web service, providing a value is not sent via a linked source or a system variable.

Any value that is valid for this parameter.

Is Linkable

Indicates whether the parameter is available as a target or source for linking.

Selected – the parameter is available for linking.

Cleared – the parameter is not available for linking.


The system variable that will be used to populate the value for the parameter. Click the ellipsis button to launch the Select a Variable dialog box.

See Variable Connections for a list of available system variables.

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