Variable Connections

Variables are pre-configured items of data that can be connected to substitution parameters in display objects. The concept is very similar to the Link To parameter connection capability that currently exists in Proficy Portal.

When a variable connection is created, a parameter is linked to a variable. During run-time, the target parameter will be updated with the variable value. For example, a grid is configured with a parameterized SQL statement. The parameter calls for country code values, and the statement returns data specific to that country. The parameter value can be passed in a number of ways, such as through a list or combo box, but you can also pass the value to the statement through a variable connection. By connecting the Current Country Code variable to the statement's parameter in the grid, each time the display is run, the data in the grid will be updated with the country as defined in the current user's settings (see Default Regional Settings for information on where the country setting is configured).

There are four ways to use variables in Proficy Portal:

TIP: Use the Time and Date Link to show the time on a display. For more information, see Time and Date Links.

System Variables



Current User Name

The name of the user currently logged in.

Current Domain

The name of the domain of the currently logged in user.

Current IP Address

The IP address of the user currently logged in.

Local Computer Name

The name of the current computer.

Build Number

The current build number for Proficy Portal.


The current version number of Proficy Portal.

Current Locale

The current locale (e.g. en_US).

Current Language Code

The current language code (e.g. en).

Current Country Code

The current country code (e.g. US).

Program Short Name

The short name for Proficy Real-Time Information Portal.

Current Session ID

The unique ID that is assigned to the user for the current session.

Current Proficy Portal Server Name

The name of the Proficy Portal server that is hosting the current session.

Connection Method

The method that is used to connect to the Proficy Portal server (e.g. SOAP or RMI).


Display Variables



Display Start Time

The current start time for the display.

This is a UTC 64-bit number.

Display End Time

The current end time for the display.

This is a UTC 64-bit number.

Time Zone Offset

The number of milliseconds that the current display's time zone is offset from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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