Proficy Change Management Client

The Proficy Change Management client:

Can be installed when Proficy Machine Edition is installed.

Includes a Scheduler that enables you to schedule events to perform either a:

Proficy CIMPLICITY compare or Proficy CIMPLICITY compare and back up.

Important: Proficy Change Management client requires Proficy Machine Edition Change Management Client v. 5.6 SIM2 or higher.

Step 1

Install the Change Management Client on the Local Server.

Step 2

Open the Proficy Machine Edition InfoViewer window.

Step 3

Check out Scheduler settings.

Step 4

Add a scheduled event.

Step 5

Configure a scheduled event.

Step 6

Use the Scheduler.

Note: You can also look at the status of your projects; computer projects, site root project; you can see who has items checked out.

More information

About Proficy Change Management.