Step 3. Configure Recipes

A Recipe specifies the amount (value) of each Parameter that will be used to manufacture a specific batch of product. All the Recipes for a Recipe Group are found in the Recipes folder.

Recipe organization.

Recipe configuration.

Recipe Organization

You can create subfolders at anytime in the Recipes folder to further classify your Recipes.

  1. Select Recipes in the RecipeConfig window left pane.

  2. Do one of the following.

Select Tree>Create SubFolder on the RecipeConfig window menu bar.

Right-click Recipes; select New>SubFolder on the Popup menu.

A new subfolder is created in the Recipe tree.

  1. Enter the name of the new subfolder.

  1. (Optional) Drag existing recipes into any subfolder to re-organize your group.

There is no restriction on the number of levels of subfolders you can create. You can create a Recipe in the Recipes folder or in any Recipes subfolder.

Recipe Configuration

Initially, the Recipes folder contains no Recipes or Recipe subfolders.

Steps to create, configure and administer recipes are as follows.

Step 3.1

Create a recipe

Step 3.2

Rename a recipe.

Step 3.3

Display/hide recipe parameter values.

Step 3.4

Enter recipe parameter values.

Step 3.5

Enter recipe properties.

Step 3.6

Compare recipes

Step 3.7

Copy/move/delete recipes.

Step 3.8

Print recipe data.

More information

Recipe group configuration.