System Sentry Point by Address on a CimEdit Screen

You can create an object that is governed by a system point by address on any CimEdit screen. These objects can provide you with system monitoring capabilities that augment the pre-configured System Sentry screens.

 Important: If you want to use alarms with your object, you have to create an object that uses a System Sentry device point.

The steps to configure a System Sentry point by address are:

Step 1

Insert or create an object (on an open CimEdit screen) that will be governed by the point by address at runtime

Step 2

Open the Point by Address dialog box.

Step 3

Fill in the Point by Address dialog box.

Step 4

Select the object–counter–instance whose value will display.

Step 5

(Optional) Change the scan rate.

Step 6

Test the configuration.

 Note: These steps configure a simple shape and text object as an example. However, CimEdit offers you an extensive selection of objects that can be inserted or created in a screen.

More information

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