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Gets information about the plot. You can call this function to determine the number of pixels per page or inch, the resolution of a plot, and the size and spacing of characters for a specified text font. You can also check whether a printer can print rotated text. (See PlotText().)

you need to first call the PlotOpen() function to get the handle for the plot (hPlot) and specify the output device.


PlotInfo(hPlot, Type [, sInput] )


The plot handle, returned from the PlotOpen() function. The plot handle identifies the table where all data on the plot is stored.


The type of plot information to get:

0 - Horizontal pixels on a printout page

1 - Vertical pixels on a printout page

2 - Horizontal pixels per inch

3 - Vertical pixels per inch

4 - Horizontal resolution

5 - Vertical resolution

6 - Height of the font used

7 - External leading of the font used

8 - Character width of the font used

9 - Rotatable text is allowed or not

10 - Indicates whether or not a font is supported

11 - Horizontal size of a page in millimeters

12 - Vertical size of a page in millimeters


The font handle (hFont), returned from the DspFont() function. Useful only for Type 6, 7, 8, or 10.

Return Value

The attributes of the plot as a string.

Related Functions

PlotClose, PlotDraw, PlotGrid, PlotLine, PlotMarker, PlotOpen, PlotScaleMarker, PlotText, PlotXYLine, TrnPlot


hPlot = PlotOpen(36,"Display",1);
/* Print text in upward direction but first check if printer supports text rotation. Set default text orientation to left to right (just in case). */
Orient = 0;
IF PlotInfo(hPlot,9) THEN
Orient = 1;
/* Print text "Citect Graph" centred horizontally at top of page.*/
PageWidth = PlotInfo(hPlot,0); ! Get width of page
hFont = DspFont("Courier",14,black,-1);
TextWidth = PlotInfo(hPlot,8,hFont); ! Get width of each character
TextPosn = (PageWidth - TextWidth * 12) / 2 ! Get start of 1st character
PlotText(hPlot,hFont,0,TextPosn,0,"Citect Graph");

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