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Draws scale lines beside the grid on your plot (if there is one) and places markers on them. The height of the scale line is automatically set to the height of the frame set in the PlotGrid() function.

you need to first call the PlotOpen() function to get the handle for the plot (hPlot) and specify the output device. You should then use the PlotGrid() function to set up the frame and grid, before you call this function to draw the scale lines.


PlotScaleMarker(hPlot, X, Y, nMarker, PenWidth, PenCol, Mode)


The plot handle, returned from the PlotOpen() function. The plot handle identifies the table where data on the plot is stored.

X, Y:

The x and y coordinates of the point where the scale line starts. The end coordinates of the scale line are automatically defined by the size of the frame (set in the PlotGrid() function).

If the plot is for display on the screen, coordinates are relative to the AN specified in the PlotOpen() function. If the output device is a printer, coordinates are relative to the point (0,0).


The number of markers on the scale line.


The width of the scale line, in pixels.


The color of the pen (flashing color is not supported). Select a color from the list of Predefined Color Names and Codes or create an RGB-based color using the function MakeCitectColor.


The mode of the markers:

0 - Both sides of the scale line

1 - Left of the scale line

2 - Right of the scale line

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

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