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Draws markers on a plotted line or at a specified point. You can plot any one of the standard markers, or use a symbol of your choice. (you need to first register your symbol as a marker, by using the PlotSetMarker() function.)

To draw a single marker at a specified point, set X and Y to the coordinates of the point, and set Length to 1.

You can draw markers on a plotted line when you draw the line, that is within the PlotLine() or PlotXYLine() function. You would use the PlotMarker() function only if you need to draw a second set of markers on the same line. Call PlotMarker() immediately after the line is drawn. Set X and Y to -1 and Length to the number of data points (specified in the Length argument of the PlotLine() or PlotXYLine() function).

you need to first call the PlotOpen() function to get the handle for the plot (hPlot) and specify the output device.


PlotMarker(hPlot, MarkerStyle, MarkerCol, nMarker, Length, X, Y)


The plot handle, returned from the PlotOpen() function. The plot handle identifies the table where data on the plot is stored.


The style of the markers:

0 - No markers

1 - Triangle

2 - Square

3 - Circle

4 - Diamond

5 - Filled triangle

6 - Filled square

7 - Filled circle

8 - Filled diamond

20 - 32000: User-defined markers. You can register any symbol as a marker with the PlotSetMarker() function. Call the PlotGetMarker() function if the number of markers you have previously registered are unknown.


The color of the marker (flashing color is not supported). Select a color from the list of Predefined Color Names and Codes or create an RGB-based color using the function MakeCitectColor.


The number of samples between markers.


The length of the array (the number of line points in the table pTable) plotted in the PlotLine() or PlotXYLine() function. To draw only one marker at a specified point, set Length to 1.

X, Y:

The x and y coordinates, in pixels, of the point where the marker is to be drawn. If the plot is for display on the screen, the coordinates are relative to the AN specified in the PlotOpen() function. If the output device is a printer, the coordinates are relative to the point (0,0).

To draw the markers on a plotted line, set both X and Y to -1, and set Length to the same value as the Length passed in the PlotLine() or PlotXYLine() function.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

PlotClose, PlotDraw, PlotGetMarker, PlotGrid, PlotInfo, PlotLine, PlotOpen, PlotScaleMarker, PlotSetMarker, PlotText, PlotXYLine, TrnPlot


/* Draw a filled red square marker at the point (X=100,Y=200). */
/* Draw 10 black triangles and 5 green cylinders along a plot line. */

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