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Prints text on a plot. You can specify the font, position, and orientation of the text. If you specify an orientation other than 'left-to-right', you need to check that the font (and the printer) supports the orientation.

you need to first call the PlotOpen() function to get the handle for the plot (hPlot) and specify the output device. You also needs to call the DspFont() function to get a handle for the font (hFont).


PlotText(hPlot, hFont, Orientation, X, Y, sText)


The plot handle, returned from the PlotOpen() function. The plot handle identifies the table where all data on the plot is stored.


The font handle, returned from the DspFont() function. The font handle identifies the table where details of that font are stored.


The orientation of the text:

0 - Left-to-right

1 - Upwards

2 - Right-to-left

3 - Downwards

You should check that the font supports rotation (where Orientation = 1, 2, or 3). Most true type and vector fonts support rotation. If the PlotInfo(hPlot, 9) function returns false, you need to specify an Orientation of 0 (zero).

X, Y:

The x and y coordinates (in pixels) of the start of the text. If the plot is for display on the screen, the coordinates are relative to the AN specified in the PlotOpen() function. If the output device is a printer, the coordinates are relative to the point (0,0).


The text string to be plotted.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

DspFont, PlotClose, PlotDraw, PlotGrid, PlotInfo, PlotLine, PlotMarker, PlotScaleMarker, PlotXYLine, TrnPlot


See PlotOpen.

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