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Using Computer Setup Editor

The following topics provide help on how to use the Computer Setup Editor:

Opening the configuration file


Maintaining Sections

Adding a section
Deleting a section
Disabling a section
Enabling a section

Maintaining Parameters

Adding a parameter
Editing a parameter
Deleting a parameter
Disabling a parameter
Enabling a parameter
Viewing undocumented parameters

Commenting the citect.ini file

Commenting a section entry
Commenting a parameter entry
Entering comments in the header

Using the Comparison Wizard

Running the Comparison Wizard
Interpreting the Comparison Wizard
Copying values between the files
Saving changes to the compared file
Closing without saving changes

Saving changes to the citect.ini file

Saving the changes to your citect.ini file
Saving a backup of your changes to the configuration file
Abandoning the changes to your configuration file