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System components

The system components of a project allow you to customize, manage, and track your runtime system. They include:

Keyboard key

A meaningful name assigned to a keyboard key

See Keyboard Keys

Keyboard commands

Key sequences with associated instructions

See System Keyboard Commands


Customized presentation of runtime data and special conditions

See Reporting Information


Commands that execute in response to specific runtime triggers, such as a Cicode expression or variable tag. When the event trigger is true, the command will execute

See Configuring Events


Variable tags tracking continuous runtime data. Data can be monitored and displayed by animating or trending the variable tags

See Using Accumulators


Components that can transfer high-level data to other components such as RTF files, ASCII files, and printers

See Configuring Devices


User profiles to restrict and grant access to the runtime system

See Adding User Records


Groups of system areas used to simplify the management of user profiles

See Defining Areas


System-wide substitutions for commonly used commands and expressions

See Using Labels


Fonts for displaying alarms and objects

See Using System Fonts


Built-in operating settings for fine tuning the runtime system

See Citect.ini File Parameters

Included projects

Predefined projects with database records automatically included in user projects

See Including projects