Extended Possibilities

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But stop, there is much, much more!

You want to ...

No problem!

... call attention to critical process events (limit violations)?

Alarm configuration

... analyze alarms?

Industrial Performance Analyzer

... log process and system events?

Chronologic Event List

... log changes in the project?

History of changes

... record and concentrate process data?

Archive Server

... color and dynamize lines?

Automatic Line Coloring (ALC)

... create a FDA conform user administration (password system)?

User administration

... analyze log files?

Diagnosis Viewer

... display values from the process as curves?

Extended Trend

... administer maintenance data of machines?

Industrial Maintenance Manager

... send message?

Message Control

... create a client/server network?


Development environment


... im/export parts of the project?

Import / Export

... execute actions at a defined time?

Production and Facility Scheduler

... create reports?

Report Generator

... create parameter lists for set values and commands?


... define a function sequence?

Script administration

... execute functions at a defined time?

Time control

... switch the language of the text information displayed in the Runtime?

language switch

... control the access to certain zenon objects in teh Runtime with the help of variables?


... program cyclic tasks?

Process Control Engine (PCE)

... getting to know the integration of straton?

straton Workbench , Video: straton project