Running the application

Use the following commands in the main window to test or monitor your application:

Press this button press Ctrl+F5 key to go On Line and establish the connection with the remote target. Project monitoring and downloading will be available when the connection is established.

Press this button press F5 key to start the simulation.

Related topics:

- Communication parameters
- The control panel
- The Log window

How to monitor the application:

- Using editors in test mode
- Using the Watch Window
- Graphic monitoring
- Command line debugging
- Using the Digital Sampling Trace
- Step by step debugging, breakpoints and call stack
- Soft oscilloscope

From the program list, it is possible to control the execution of each program at run time. Use the command of the "Build" menu to:
- stop or start the selected program
- pause (suspend) or resume (restart) the selected program
Stopped programs are displayed in red in the list of programs. Suspended programs are displayed in blue.