Procedural elements

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Procedural elements are created in zenon with a Combi Element. Their state determines the coloring of the connected line.

The following properties can be defined for them:

Function type

Possible types are:

Defines the technological type of the Combined element.

- Source

Passes on its color. If the source is active (1) all connected lines, which have activated the element property Color from ALC, get the color of the source. The color is defined in the project properties as the source color. (e.g. tanks or generators). A source is a single pole with a static source number assigned to it. The source is switchable over the state of its main variable. Generally, sources are considered as net-synchronous and detachable.

- Generator

A generator generally behaves like a source, but it is considered as independent an not net-synchronous.

- Switch

With this lines can be split. If the switch is closed/active, the connection between the two lines is closed and the line is colored with the defined color of the source up to the next inactive switch. In this case a switch forwards the source color of the input line to the output line. If the state of the switch is 'malfunction' or 'undefined', the color of the line turns into the color 'undefined' from the ALC configuration in the project properties.
So a switch delivers source number 0 on its output (connection 2) instead of the incoming source number. In the direction towards the input the switch behaves as normal.

- Disconnector

A disconnector generally behaves like a switch. However, a disconnector must not be supplied with voltage in the topological model. Its state (on, off, intermediate position, malfunction) is determined by its main variable.

- Drain

This defines the end of the line. The drain does not influence the coloring, but is solely used to complete the model. If an external program (e.g. VBA) should access the model, then the drain probably is needed for further calculations, and so has to be inserted.
In Energy projects, the drain is used for representing consumers. Theses customers are considered for the calculation of the ALC interlockings (command interlockings) 'Consumer is undersupplied'.

- Transformer

A transformer is a drain and a source at the same time. SO with a transformer the input color (input source) can be transformed to a new output color (transformer source color).
The output connection is only active, if the transformer is switched active. But the output line does not get the color of the input line as with a switch, but the source color of the transformer. So a source has to be defined for each transformer. A transformer cannot be switched active or inactive, it always is active.

- Link

With a link a line can be continued on some other place. If a link is supplied by a line, all other links with the same link number also are supplied by this line. Here it does not matter, whether the links are in the same picture or on different pictures in the project. So picture independent lines can be defined. It is possible to have more than two links with the same link number in one project.
Links can be supplied by serveral lines at the same time resp. can themselves supply several lines. In principle there is no difference between inputs and outputs. The source information is always passed on to all connected lines.
Attention: Two link elements cannot be connected directly to one line. In between, there has to be at least one other procedural element (switch/disconnector or transformer).
A link cannot be switched active or inactive, it always is active.

Link number

Here the link number is entered for the function type link. All identic link number is a project correlate. Detailed description in the function type Link.
This property is only active, if the function type link has been selected.


Here a source is assigned to an element. In this selection box all sources defined in the ALC configuration (in the project properties) are available. All source names are listed.
This property is only active if the function type 'source', 'transformer' or 'generator' has been selected.

A variable of the IEC type BOOL or integer has to be linked to the element as the main variable, so that the switch can get the status (open, closed, invalid). In the same way the source gets its status (active/inactive) frim the linked main variable.

For the function types source and transformer the defined source number is forwarded to the consumers (drains) over open/closed switches. The stati and colors of all connected lines are calculated from the superposed sum of the supplying source numbers and procedural elements.

info Info

Only the first two bits are considered for the switching. The first bit stands for the actual switching. 0 equals off and 1 equals 1.

The second bit is the error bit. There is no error only if it is 0.

attention Attention

If in the single status the color and the filling color from the ALC is activated, also the procedural elements are colored by the status of the connected lines in the Runtime.