Combined element

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The dynamic element Combined Element offers the possibility to link both the value as well as stati of a variable simultaneously or individually (priority-controlled) to an element and to represent it as sum information. As opposed to the "Multibin", the "Combined" element can also display symbols, texts or bitmaps.

attention Attention

Symbols in a "Combined" element cannot be operated.

Additionally the element can be used to set the value of a bit variable or to execute a function.

After selecting and placing the element in the picture, the dialog for variable selection is offered. Stati for the element can be defined in the Property Status und Test.

Functions and variables can also be linked to the Element by Drag&Drop.

Link rules:

If you have selected the representation type Symbol from library, you can enter link rules after selecting the symbol via the symbol selection button. These substitution rules are saved for every status. You can change the rules later via the button Edit linking rules.

Example Example

Variables/functions contained in the symbol:

he variables and functions of the symbol are now replaced with the following rule:
Source: *_0010
replace with: _0020

Result of the linking rule:

With the linking rule, you can exchange all variables and functions. If a variable or function does not fit into the scheme, that link cannot be replaced.

When the runtime files are created, the respective links are set for every status, according to the rule.

We offer an assistant for creating a Combined Element. See chapter Assistant.

Example Example

You want display whether a motor is turned on, whether it turns left or right. Information about Run Direction and On/Off State comes from the variable on the control side. Via the status text you can find out whether it turns left, right or not at all. Choose Properties / Display type / Status text. Open the dialog Element input / states. Enter the state text which you want to allocate to the respective value. During the Runtime there is a label in your engine reading either left or right or there is no text when your engine is not turning.

You will find more information about the evaluation of the status bits in the chapter Status definition