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The assistant supports you in the basic configuration of an archive. It is opened by default. If you want to configure the archive without the help of the assistant, click on Cancel.

If you want toCreate a new archive or Define a following archive, the assistant offers its help and leads you through the configuration step by step: It asks you for the name and short name of the archive, and enables you to select variables and make settings for the scan of variable values.

1. Shortcut and name

First, you can give the archive a name and a short name. The short name cannot be changed lateron. The name can be changed lateron. Both entries must be made to continue.

2. Variable selection

Click on the Button Variable selection to get to the dialog for the selection of the variables that shall be archived.

3 . Scan

You can decide, which kind of Scan you prefer. See chapter Scan.


After that, set the cycle.

Event triggered

Provide an event variable by clicking on the button '...' .


No further inputs are needed here.

info Info

For a new archive, the dialog for Scan is displayed; for a following archive it is not displayed, because a following archive always has Spontaneous Scan.


Leads you to the next page of the assistant.


Leads you to the previous page of the assistant.


Ends the assistant. The new archive is entered in the archive tree (detail view of the project manager).


All entered settings are lost. No archive is created.

Storage cycle - what happens in the background

The cycle, in which archive data is saved and evacuated (See chapter Saving), is determined automatically from the entered data. The system tries to find as many 'reasonable' values as possible for the storage cycle as possible, so that the resulting files do not exceed a useful size, yet there are still enough values for the compression in following archives.

The storage cycle is calculated as follows: For archives with spontaneous and event-controlled scan, the storage cycle is set to 2 hours. For archives with cyclical scan or following archives (who do have spontaneous scan, but nevertheless contain cyclical values from the respective source archive), the storage cycle is selected in a way that leads to no more than 65000 variables per archive file (for archives with very many variables), but to at least 6 values per variable. This ensures that enough values are available for the following archive.

If less variables are put into the archive, the cycle is chosen in a way that ensures that the size of the files does not exceed 65000 values and that the value of the cycle is as 'round' as possible (whole-numbered multiples of 1,5,10,30 or 60 Minutes).

The storage time is set to 1 year (without evacuation).

The date for the begin of the scan and storage cycle is set to 00:00:00 on the 1st of January of the running calendar year.