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Configurable options are:


Two-character unique short identifier of the archive; relevant for automatic issuing of names with export functions.

This short identifier cannot be changed afterwards!


free text

Batch variable

Process variable whose contents gives the batch name (e.g. string variable)

Index batches

For quicker access to batches one index per archive is created.
Active: An automatic indexing is done

With a context menue, that can be opened with a right mouse click in the ares Linked variables, variables for the archive can be selected. These variables then are listed in this area.

info Info

It is possible to insert variables from other projects of the same workspace.

info Info

Archives can store variables from sub projects. Data points from sub projects can be identified by the variable name, that contains the project name.

For batch variables (Batch archiving) and event variables, data points from sub projects can be used.