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Configurable options are:

Start and end

At start and end of Runtime

The archive is automatically started and terminated with the Runtime.

User defined

Via the functions Start an archive and Stop an archive defined by the user

RDA block archive


Execute function at

Archive start

Definition of a function which is always executed on starting the archive

Archive end

Definition of a function which is always executed on terminating the archive.

Scan and storage cycle


Definition of the starting time for the scan and storage cycle The defined time does nor affect the first scan, but defines the first saveing time of the files to be archived.

Example Example

There is the scan and save cycle (SSC) and the scan cycle (SC).

For the determination of the time of the first value (DTV) the SSC is rounded to the SC. The implementation of this functionality results in some not easy to understand results:

Rounding the SSC to the first SC is done hours to hours, minutes to minutes and seconds to seconds. This means If the time (H:H:S) of the SSC is smaller than that of the SC, the later is always 0!

If SC is a day, the SSC is always taken as 0:0:0 o'clock -> scanning starts at 0 o'clock.

For monthly SC scanning always is the first day of the month 00:00:00.

Some examples:

SSC: XX:XX:XX SC: 1D 00:00:00 -> DTV 00:00:00; SSCr 00:00:00 + SC 00:00:00 = DTV 00:00.00

SSC: 00:01:00 SC: 0D 23:59:00 -> DTV 23:59:00; SSCr 00:00:00 + SC 23:59:00 = DTV 23:59:00

SSC: 00:30:00 SC: 0D 00:30:00 -> DTV 01:00:00; SSCr 00:30:00 + SC 00:30:00 = DTV 01:00:00

SSC: 00:30:00 SC: 0D 00:29:00 -> DTV 00:58:00; SSCr 00:29:00 + SC 00:29:00 = DTV 00:58:00

SSC: 00:30:00 SC: 0D 00:05:00 -> DTV 00:35:00; SSCr 00:30:00 + SC 00:05:00 = DTV 00:35:00

SSC: 00:29:00 SC: 0D 00:05:00 -> DTV 00:30:00; SSCr 00:25:00 + SC 00:05:00 = DTV 00:30:00

SSC: 00:00:00 SC: 2D 00:00:00 ->DTV 00:30:00; SSCr 00:00:00 + SC 2D 00:00:00 = DTV 3.00:00:00


SSCr = SSC rounded.

Each new archive starts with the DTV according to the described calculation. The scan cycle does not run archive overlapping. -> SC which are not whole-numbered in the save cycle result in a hole in the recording on an archive change.