Operating during Runtime

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In the Runtime the Picture type Archive revision is opened with a function call (e.g. button). The online mask of the screen predefined in the editor is opened.

The possible online operations are:


Open another archive and set the filter conditions


Close currently open archive


Save changed archive and update sequential archive on request


Edit selected archive entry. Change value, status change according to "Manual value"


Insert archive entries into the corresponding archive files. If no archive files exist for this time range then no insertion can take place. An error message is given in the filter list box.


Delete archive entry.


Selection of several archive entries and marking of these entries for editing mode.


A dialog for the display of the archive revision list is opened. Here the column widths for the display and the font can be defined.


Print out of the opened archive information

When printing the archives, the file ARV_G.FRM with the corresponding key words is used. The cyclic part is enclosed with "%%" . The file must be stored in the installation path.

Key words


Date/time stamp of the archive


Name of the archive


Date/time stamp of the archive entry


Variable name of the archive entry


Value of the archive entry


Unit of the archive entry


Condition text of the archive entry


Status text of the archive entry

Example Example


Page: @SEITE -----------------

Date/time TTA Value Unit Condition text Status

The buttons are released and locked according to their function. Above the buttons are fields with the displays for:

Archive name

Short identifier of the currently open archive

Number of entries

Total number of entries shown of the process variables (after filter condition!)

Number I bit

Number of archive entries with "I bit" status

The filter list box can be used as a total overview for the set filter and of the editing condition.

Should an archive be opened other than the one placed in the function then, by pressing the 'Open' button, the archive selection mask with the settings for sorting and filter conditions can be opened.

If an archive is open and displayed then the archive values can be changed.