Picture switch - archive revision

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The filters can be preconfigured in the Editor for activating a picture of the picture type Archive revision (defined archive; archive with preselected status bits).

info Info

The filter settings can be changed in the Runtime.

Configurable options are:


defines filter criteria (variables, value, status, etc.)


display format and sorting of displayed archive entries

- Time

sorting of all entries according to date and time


sorting according to variable name

- Unsorted

No sorting

After having selected the archive, the filters can be defined. The according dialog has three property pages:

Configurable filters and combinations:


filtered according to certain status bits


variables from selected archive which should be activated; mark variables with mouse click

Value (Minimum, Maximum)

filtering of all archive values and their technical values between a minimum and maximum

Please note the memory limits (maximum size of representation) defined in the picture type Archive revision for editing archives.

'Status', 'Variables' and 'min/max' can only be selected, if the option 'alle Eigenschaften' is not activated in the dialog Filter.