Checks, whether value has been set correctly

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If writing values, a statusflag iss et, that the value is written. If the writing has been successful, the statusbit "successfully written" is set.

attention Attention

The mechanism only shows, that the writing action was successful (or not successful) to the PLC. This does not mean, that the value has indeed been changed in the PLC, since the PLC can reset/overwrite the value immediately. Example: Writing the outputs or wischerbits, that are only set for a short time.

This meachanism can be started in the following "modules":

Function Send value to hardware

In this function it is possible to set the option "wait for writing confirmation".

Standard recipes

For each recipe the "synchroneous writing" can be activated

Recipegroup Manager

For each recipe the "synchroneous writing" can be activated

For the function send value to hardware, it can be set in the project properties-CEL, whether a writing confirmation should be written into the CEL or not. If active: a positive or negative feedback is written into the CEL. If all "send value" functions have been exectuted that were set to "wait for writing confirmation".

For the Recipegroup Manager and the Recipes the systemdriver offes a system driver variable, that has the value 1 if the recipe has been exectuted successfully.

The system driver varialbe is for Recipes and RGM; it is global (analyzed at the server) and local – so it can inform the client when the last executed recipe has been written.

With these cariables a CEL entry can be generated via limit or reaction matrix.

Check of value: Since a status bit iss et for each value, this is possible with multi analog or multi binary Rema.

If the value is written in the driver, a status bit is set as answer.


WR_ACK means taht the driver has got a value to write, WR-SUC means: If 1 successful, if 0 not successful- the value could not be set. This status combination exsits until the next value change is done. Then both stati go to 0 until the writing action is finished.

For Analyzation the following bit combination has to be provided by the Rema: WR-ACK 1, WR-SUC 1: Writing action successful. WR-ACK 1, WR-SUC 0: Writing action not successful.

info Info

In case of reload or Server-Standby Switch, the present responses or writing affirmations are distorted.