Logging of value changes in the CEL

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There are different possibilities for changing the set value in zenon.

Logging of funciton „send value to hardware" and dyn Elements

For each varialbe the logging can be set. In this log file, only the function "send value to hardware" and "change set values" via dynamic elements are logged.

Nothing: Loggs neither set value via dyn. Element nor via funciton Send value to hardware.
Only dynamic elements: Loggs only set value via dyn. element, not via the function Send value to hardware.
All: The dyn. Element as well as the function „send value" are logged.

Logging old value/new value

Can be set for each variable. (ID_VAR_SWP_ACT). This property has an influence on the three possibilities described above: VBA, Function "send value" and changes via dynamic element.

Standard recipes and Recipegroup Manager

For Recipes and the Recipegroup Manager it is possible to set the logging in the project properties – CEL. It can be set, what is going to be logged in the CEL.


The Production and Facility Scheduler / Scheduler logs all set value changes (new value) in the CEL. Not configurable. Old/new value is unaccounted.

Logging of set value via VBA

Also setable for each variable (ID_VAR_SWP_VBA). Totally independent of the logging of the function and the dyn, elements.

Other value change possiblities

Are not logged.