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As a default the transport service is always defined for TCP/IP communication.

Exception: Under Windows CE the transport service can be configured in the user interface.

If the communication type of the transport service should be changed, the zenOn6.ini on the remote device has to be edited. The Editor can be set comfortabely in the Remote Transport configutation.

attention Attention

If the zenOn6.ini is edited, the changes become effective after a restart of the transport service.

If the transport service should be used for serial transport, the following entries have to be made in the zenOn6.ini on the target system by hand: (Under Windows CE these entries are automatically generated in the zenOn6.ini with the help of the user interface of the transport service.)


; SysService attached to the COM interface:


With this setting the Remote Transport works with the baudrate 115200 bits/second. As a default the Editor is also set to this baudrate.

In the Editor Serial has to be selected as Transport service and the according COM port of the source PC has to be entered under Configuration parameters.

attention Attention

Do not forget the ; (semi-colon) at the end.

If the baudrate should be changed, the alternative baudrate has to be set in the Editor as well as in the transport service:

In the zenOn6.ini on the remote system for the transport service:


; SysService attached to the COM interface with changed baudrate:


Under Configuration parameters in the Editor the COM interface and the baudrate have to be entered, e.g.: PORT=COM1;BAUDRATE=57600;