Creating a new diagram

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If a function Picture switch to a picture of the type ETM is created, the dialog 'Diagramm anlegen' opens.

Configurable options are:


Freely configurable diagram name. Can be shown in control element.
If the string in the diagram name contains the character combination %c, this combination is replaced by the name of the batch(es) reaching into the defined filter during online operation
e.g. Diagram name = "Diagram1_%C%_End"
in the Runtime "Diagram1_Batch1_End"

Diagram Type

Type of source values

- Online data

Current online values and values stored as HDD.

- Archive data

Use of the archive values stored in the database.


Selection or setting of the user defined font for the axis labels and the value indicators

Scroll width

Definition of the screen scrolling if the right edge of the diagram has been reached.
(CAUTION: Only for diagrams with online values)

Refresh rate

Definition of the screen updating in seconds (min. 0.1)


OK, Cancel, Help

System functions (CAUTION: "OK" button only released after the configuring of at least one curve)

Process variables

Selection of the process variables allocated to the diagram.
(Selection via process variable list)
Only numerical variables can be selected. String variables are not offered in the dialog.

Edit curve

Editing the settings of the selected trend curve. The filter dialog with the property pages  Y axis parameters and Curve parameters is opened.


Settings of the diagram parameters
(Diagram background, frame limits, colour etc.)

Representation type

Selection of the type of representation.

- over time

Representation of the curves over time. (x/t representation)

- via value

Representation of the curves via another process variable (x/y representation)

Time axis

Laying down of the time axis definition
(Time range absolute, relative, fixed, color, subdivisions).

X axis

Laying down of the X-axis definition
(Process variable, color, subdivision etc.)
(CAUTION: Button only released after process variable allocation)


Exporting (*.drg) of the set diagram parameters
(Process variables, frame, times etc.)


Exporting (*.drg) of the set diagram parameters
(Process variables, frame, times etc.)

From backup path

historic archives from the backup path

Trend curve list

Trend curve is opened together with the opening of the diagram

- active

in online operation.
(Otherwise prepared for online selection)

- Y-axis

Y-axis of the trend curve is opened together with the opening of the diagram in online operation.
(Otherwise prepared for online selection)

Each trend curve is provided with its own name. We recommend not to display too many trend curves at the same time so you can keep a good overview. The configuring can be done for several process variables which can then be freely activated in online operation.

The selection of the process variables is done by pressing the button Variable.... . The process variable list is opened.

The process variables are accepted with a double click in the lower display field (selected variables). After pressing the OK button in the process variable list the Curve new button is released in the definition mask of the extended trend.

With the pressing of the button Variable or Archive a new trend curve is defined for the diagram. One of the process variables allocated to the diagram can be used.

With the representation of online values, the button is released after the marking of a process variable in the curve parameter window.

With the representation of archive values, in addition to the marking of the process variables, the archive must be given from which the values should be read out.