Curve parameters

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If in the dialog 'Create Dialog' (see chapter Create a new diagram) the button 'Edit curve' is pressed, the filter dialog opens. In this dialog and in the dialog Y axis parameters the curve parameters are defined.

For each trend curve the curve features can be parameterised.

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System functions

Curve name

Freely definable curve name

&Type of line:

Definition of line type for trend curve:


- Dashes

- Dots

- Dash-dot

- Dash-dot-dot


Values connected by poly-lines (supporting positions). If the option is not set then the value changes are shown as line jumps (stepped representation)

Area display

The values are displayed as areas instead of lines.

Lengthen curve

The curve is lengthened from the last available datapoint to the right border

Axis labelling

Text of the axis labelling in online representation


Width of the line (in pixels)


Definition of the trend curve colour for the online representation


Definition of the parameters of the Y-axis for each trend curve. (Scaling, axis subdivision, value range, colour etc.)