Creating Interlockings

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Select Interlockings in the Project Manager to display the defined interlockings in the Detailview of the Project Manager. A right click on General Interlockings opens a popup menu, in which a new interlocking can be created.

The new Interlocking can be renamed in the properties window. A right click on Variables again opens a popup menu. Here, one or more variables can be linked to the according interlocking.

The interlocking can be linked to a condition. To do this, one or more conditions have to be created in the properties window. For each condition a Boolean formula can be entered in the properties window under Logical link.

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An element in the visualization surface is locked, if the interlocking condition applies, i.e. is logical 1 – TRUE.

Locking: If several conditions are defined in one interlocking, it is sufficient for locking the element, if only one condition is fulfilled.

With the formula editor, which is opened with a click on the property Logical link in the properties window, Boolean and analog formulas can be defined as interlocking conditions. The formula editor allows the definition of Boolean statements with the help of the linked variables and logical or bitwise and comparison operators. See also chapter Pictures / Comparison operators.

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Unlocking: If several conditions are linked to the interlocking, all fulfilled conditions must be unlocked.   

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Refer to chapter Formula editor for more information on the formula editor.