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The assistant supports you in the basic configuration of a Combined element. It is opened by default. If you want to configure the Combined element without the help of the assistant, click on Cancel.

Otherwise, follow the assistant by pressing the Continue button.

You can choose the type of display here. The choice here matches the choice of the property type of display in the Properties window.

You can now define status. The first status is always the default status. You cannot enter a value for the default status, you must enter a value for all other statuses. Only one status can be edited at a time.

info Info

Creating a new status: In all windows you can create additional statuses using the button New Status.

The look of the dialog Status changes, depending on the status you have selected.

1. Symbol from the library

To select a symbol from the global or project library, click on the window. To remove a symbol from you selection, click on the X next to the window.

2. Status text

You can enter a text with foreground and background color for every status.

3. Bitmaps

Click on the Bitmap button to select a picture file (*.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png etc.) You can either select pictures from the graphics directory of the project (see chapter Editor / External files), or you can enter an absolute path.

4. Picture symbol

You can select a symbol that exists in the current picture by entering it under picture symbol. This selection applies for all stati of the Combined element. The filling color can be defined for each status.


Numeric value, at which the status becomes active (Default: no value).

New status

Creates a new status for the Combined element.


Leads you to the previous page of the assistant.


Leads you to the next page of the assistant.


Exits the assistant and applies all the settings to the Combined element.