Trend Graph

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Online line diagrams can be displayed by using the dynamic element "Trend Graph".

After the positioning and the opening of the dynamic element the list of variables is opened. If more than one variable is created, all curves are automatically created in the trend element. In the trend graph several variables can be displayed simultaneously.

To create a new curve, the property "curve new" has to be selected. After executing this command the variable selection is opened. This procedure can be done several times.

Notice should be taken that the picture activation periods are proportional to the number of stored entries to be read.

After free positioning of the element in a picture or after selection with a mouse click the properties of the element can be edited in the properties window.

The trend element uses the Harddisk data storage of the linked variables. This can be defined in the Additional settings of the variable in the properties window.

The "Number of values" and the "Scan rate" of the variable have to correspond to the period of representation and to the refresh rate exactly, otherwise the drawing of the curves is restarted with every opening of the picture.

If the proposed change is accepted, this can have effects on other trend elements which use this variable.

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Functions and variables can also be linked to the Element by Drag&Drop.