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The dynamic element Clock shows data and/or time in the picture. As an additional possibility the value of a variable can be displayed as a duration of time.

After free positioning of the element in a picture or after selection with a mouse click the properties of the element can be edited in the properties window.

Example Example

Value of the variable/ Format






The time difference is defined in seconds.

info Info

Variables can also be linked to the element by Drag&Drop.

If the time difference is displayed, the element Clock can be linked to variables of all data types except string and Boolean.

info Info

It is also possible to display negative values. If the variable value is -60 and the setting for the display is mm:ss, -01:00 is displayed. Thus if
-01:40 is this displayed, the resulting variable value is -100.

attention Attention

With absolute time the element Clock does not support tooltips and context menus.