WEB Client - Setups

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Locally the WEB client has to be installed, so that a browser can display projects. (Please refer to the chapter Browser for the operating systems). The WEB client is mainly an ActiveX control displaying the information in a browser. The display is just as on a normal client. The connection to the Runtime server is done with the WEB server via TCP/IP communication.

The ActiveX Control can be found in the appropriate subdirectory after the installation of the WEB server (Pro) (e.g.: C:/Programme/COPA-DATA/zenOnWebServer/zenOn/Version550SP7/zenOn_WEB_Client_Setup_GERMAN.EXE) and can be made available for download on a WEB page. Additional WEB client setups you will find on the WEB server CD in the directory Web Client Versions. For each version there are according language versions.

For the automatic installation saccording CAB files for each version and language are available in the same directory like the standard setups, e.g.: C:/Programme/COPA-DATA/zenOnWebServer/zenOn/Version550SP7/zenWebCli_GERMAN.CAB.

We digitally signed all WEB client setups. So you can make them available for download in the internet without any problems. In the properties of the WEB client setups you will find the according certificate information.

info Info

The WEB client sends error files and log files. With the installation of the WEB client, the logging server is also installed.