22.4.5 Cannot Connect to Project Node

A.  If you cannot Start Web Access Configuration and see the WebAccess Login page:

1. Verify the Project Node is running and that you have the correct Address by pinging the Project Node.

2. Make sure the WWW Service is running on the Project Node.
(Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services).

3. Verify the Web Site is running on the Project Node.

4. Review other Options in Section 22.2 Windows  


B.  If you can login to Project Manager, but get the Message "Cannot Connect to Project Node" when using DRAW, Create Project or select a SCADA Node

1. Verify the Webvrpcs is running on the Project Node. You should see the WebAccess Icon  in the taskbar next to the system clock on the Project Node.

Figure 22-9 - Task bar Icon - SCADA and Project Nodes

There should be a shortcut in the All-Users Start-up folder that starts webvrpcs.exe.  

2. Verify that the Primary TCP Port (typically 4592) is not blocked by a firewall or router between you and the Project Node.