9.1.1   View and Control without Building a single Graphic

WebAccess provides pre-built system displays and Dialog Boxes that allow you to monitor, control, change values, manage and acknowledge alarms, monitor Communications Status, and more.

Users can commission and checkout a WebAccess system without building a single user-built graphic.  A control system could be run successfully using only the pre-built system displays , Dialog Boxes and Logs in WebAccess.

In order of appearance, the Pre-built Displays are:

Welcome Graphic - with Login Prompt.  Prompts users to login.

Login Dialog Box

Main Graphic (Main.bgr and Main.drw)- so users don't see a blank screen.

Point Info Dialog Box - allows users to browse every Tag and Block in the system, see its current value and description, Change its value. Acknowledge Alarms.

Point Detail Display - provides a full page Graphic for any tag in the system. It allows users view all details of every Tag in the system, including its current value and all the "Tag Fields" associated with the Tag or BLOCK:PARAMETER.  Tag Fields include Alarm Limits, Hi and Lo Span, Address, other configuration data and run-time statuses.   There are actually three Point Detail Displays ( Analog, Discrete and Text) that are called automatically based on the BLOCK:PARAMETER's or Tag's data type.

Alarm Summary - Shows all current alarms. Users Acknowledge Alarms, sort and filter them, etc.

Alarm Log  - a History of all past alarms.

Action Log - A History of Operator Actions

Station Status - shows status of all communication Ports and automation devices (e.g. stations).

Real-Time Trends - shows real-time trend data for and tag. (At least one Real-time Trend Group must be configured. Easy as entering a single tag name in Project Manger).

Data Log Trend - Shows Historical and Realtime data for tags configured with Data Log.. (At least one Data Log Trend Group must be configured and a Tag must have its Log Data field checked).

User Program Status - shows status of any configured user programs (i.e. 3rd Party or custom programs).

Faceplate Group -  a Text Based display showing the values of tags entered into a list.

Overview Group - A summary Display of all Faceplate Groups.

Video - shows any configured Video Cameras.

Recipes - Shows any configured Recipe Displays.