Toolbar dialog

The Toolbar dialog is used to customize the toolbar on the Trend Control screen object.

Accessing the dialog

To access the Toolbar dialog for a specific Trend Control screen object, first access the Object Properties dialog for that screen object and then click Toolbar.

The dialog in detail

Figure 1. Toolbar dialog

The Show toolbar option controls whether the entire toolbar is shown during runtime. You may hide the toolbar to save space or to prevent users from changing the trend display.

Also, each command/tool in the toolbar has the following properties:
Column Name Description
Command The name of the command/tool. For more information about each tool, see
Show The option to show the tool on the toolbar.
Activation Tag An optional tag trigger — when the value of the tag changes, the command is triggered as if the tool was clicked.

This can be used to script changes in the trend display, You can configure a tag in this field (optional). When the tag changes value, it triggers the respective command. This option is useful when you want to create customized interfaces to trigger the commands, instead of (or redundant with) the embedded toolbar.

Tooltip The tooltip that is displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over the tool.