Digital Dashboard Integration

With the WebSource Import feature, you can integrate Proficy Portal with any application that supports Link Manager. Plant Applications Digital Dashboard currently supports Link Manager. When you connect to the Plant Applications web server, the Link Manager is launched and you can select Web Reports or Web Parts to import into Proficy Portal. After the Web Reports/Web Parts are imported in Proficy Portal, they become WebSources, and can be configured as hyperlink or web control objects that allow you to view the reports in a display. For instructions on how to import web content from the Plant Applications server, see To import a WebSource.

You connect to the Link Manager by simply entering the URL. Ensure that you enter the correct protocol (e.g., http, https). For example:

After you import Plant Applications web reports/web parts, they appear under the WebSources node in the Data Sources tree and in the Data Source Browser. When you select an entire folder structure of web reports during import, the folder structure is mirrored under the WebSources node.

After you import, you can do any or all of the following:

- or -

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