Adding a CIMPLICITY HMI Data Source   

With the Administration application, you can configure CIMPLICITY as a Proficy Portal real time data source by opening the Real Time folder and selecting the CIMPLICITY HMI node.

NOTE: It is recommended that a unique user is created for CIMPLICITY projects that will be accessed by Proficy Portal. This user should not be used for any other individuals or processes, allowing for easier identification of Proficy Portal access in CIMPLICITY projects, and avoiding possible connection failures.

The Administration application displays the following fields:

CIMPLICITY HMI Data Source Properties 



Logical Name

Specifies the name for the data source. This name need not be the actual name of the CIMPLICITY server you are connecting to.


Indicates that the CIMPLICITY server is local.

It is recommended that you configure your local CIMPLICITY HMI connector through the RIF Configurator. For more information, see Local Connector Configuration Tips.


Indicates that the CIMPLICITY server is remote.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to communicate remotely to a CIMPLICITY server, be sure you install the RIF Server application on the CIMPLICITY server. For more information about installing the service, refer to the section Configuring a Remote OPC/PI/CIMPLICITY Server.

Server Name

Specifies the name of the remote machine that is running the target connector.

Port Number

Specifies the TCP/IP port number that the remote machine is listening on. Allowable port numbers are 1025 - 65535.

User Name

Specifies the user name to connect to the CIMPLICITY server with.


Specifies the password to connect to the CIMPLICITY server with.

NOTE: When the CIMPLICITY HMI data source connector is used remotely, changes to the user name and password information in the data source configuration panel will not be used by the connector until all usage of the connector in Proficy Portal has ceased. To manage this, stop and restart the Proficy Portal server after changing and applying the information, or stop and restart the Remote Interface Server on the remote system where the connector is running.

NOTE: The CIMPLICITY HMI data source does not support Proficy Portal role and user credentials. It operates with the user credentials specified on this window (User Name and Password).

To add a CIMPLICITY HMI data source

  1. In the Proficy Portal client application, click the Administration button on the main toolbar. The Administration application appears.

  2. Click the Connectors & Data Sources button. A directory tree appears.

  3. Expand the Real Time folder and click the CIMPLICITY HMI node in this folder. The Add New CIMPLICIY HMI Data Source window appears.

  4. In the Logical Name field, enter the name of the data source.

  5. In the Location Configuration section, indicate if the CIMPLICITY server you are connecting to is local or remote. If the server is remote:

    • Enter the server name; that is, the name of the remote machine that is running the connector.

    • Enter the port number.

  6. In the User Name field, enter the user name you will connect to the CIMPLICITY server with.

  7. In the Password field, enter the password you will connect to the CIMPLICITY server with.

  8. Click the Apply button to save your changes. The Test, Copy, Remove, and Reset Browse Cache buttons appear.

  9. Click the Test button to see if your connection is functioning properly. You will receive a message that the data source test passed or that it failed. If the test passed, you are ready to retrieve data. If the test failed, refer to Verifying a CIMPLICITY Connection.

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