CIMPLICITY 8.0 Installation Steps

Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY 8.0 installation takes advantage of the latest installation technology, more closely adheres to your usage requirements and integrates CIMPLICITY more fully with the Proficy family of products.

If you are a current CIMPLICITY user, this installation is different from past installations. You will see that you will need to un-install previous CIMPLICITY installations before you begin the CIMPLICITY 8.0 installation.

During CIMPLICITY 8.0 installation all of the core CIMPLICITY program files will be installed. Licensed features will be enabled when installation is complete. You can enable other features at any time by simply obtaining the appropriate license .

Step 1

Remove a lower than CIMPLICITY version 7.0 installation

Step 2

Choose the CIMPLICITY installation source.

Step 3

(Historian v3.1. users) Install Historian v3.1 Service Pack 1

Step 4

Install CIMPLICITY 8.0

Step 5

Install Historian 3.0 SIM or Historian 3.1 SIM

Step 6

(Optional) Install Tracker.

Step 7

(Optional) Install Pager.


If you are logging into a domain, your user ID must be included in the local machine's administrator account. You do not have to be a domain administrator; you have to be a local machine administrator.

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