Step 3.2. Configure Virtual Calculations

In addition to defining an initialization value for a virtual point (basic configuration), you can select one of several calculations types to have CIMPLICITY calculate a value for the point. Each calculation type requires different information from you.

You can enter basic initialization criteria in basic or advanced configuration.

The Calculation types are:

Option 3.2.1

Equation (Analog and Boolean).

Option 3.2.2

Delta Accum.

Option 3.2.3

Value Accum.

Option 3.2.4


Option 3.2.5

Max Capture.

Option 3.2.6

Min Capture.

Option 3.2.7

Trans-High Accum.

Option 3.2.8

Equation w/Override.

Option 3.2.9


Option 3.2.10



Virtual Calculation and Trigger Points

Tip: A Local checkbox displays on the advanced Virtual tab for every calculation choice except none. Check the Local check box to tell CIMPLICITY not to report the value of the point to the Point Management process. This is useful for points that are only used to hold intermediate values in calculations. For such points, setting the Local flag eliminates the overhead of reporting to the Point Management process. Local points cannot be shared with other applications.

 Note: Almost all of the calculations allow you to enter a trigger point.

For calculation points, you only need Saved and Initial values for Delta Accum, Timer/Counter and Value Accum points. This is because all other calculation points are validated at startup and any saved or initial value is immediately overwritten.

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Step 3. Enter virtual point virtual properties.