Step 5. Configure Item Types

Important: This topic describes item types for Tracker (Base)

Order Execution Mgt. configuration documentation describes item types , groups and attributes .

Tracker model wizard.

Item type configuration.

  1. Tracking Model Wizard

Note: The Tracking Model Wizard facilitates setting up a Tracker project. You can also open the PRT Item Type Configuration dialog box by clicking Advanced>Item Types in the TrackerCfg_UI left pane.

Important: When you create an item type the PRT backing files are re-created, since their configuration has been changed. Therefore, you must delete certain files called backing files in order to re-start the Tracker project or re-open the PRT_UI. If you want to retain current information you can export data before you delete the files.

  1. Click to the right of the Item Type field in the Wizard's Item Types dialog box.

  1. Select New.

A PRT Item Type Configuration dialog box opens.

  1. Item Type Configuration

  1. Configure the Item Type configuration fields, as follows.



Item ID

A unique name for the item type.


A brief description to help users identify the item type.

Item Type Code

An integer that will identify this item type.

Guideline: This code is used internally by PRT to identify the Item Type. Each item type must have a unique code, for example COMPRESS = 4 and BASE = 5. You can also apply a unique code for the same item type to identify something unique about the item, for example, BASE = 5 and a painted BASE = 6.

Item Class

Class to which this item type belongs.

Reminder: Item Classes are not required but are recommended. Feel free to create one Item Class for all of your item types.

Tracking Type

Click the appropriate radio button as follows:



  1. Click OK.

The item type is added to your Tracking Model configuration.

  1. Click Next when you have finished configuring item types.

Result: The Service dialog box displays.

More information

PRT model configuration using the Tracking Model Wizard.