1. View Network Project Data through the Web

Through the CIMPLICITY Web pages, an authorized user can view read-only point and alarm data for any project that is broadcast to the Web server.

The local CIMPLICITY Web server is the server the user displays through the Web browser interface. It is not the computer that the user is physically working, nor the server on which the project is running.

A selected project can be a CIMPLICITY project that is an earlier version than CIMPLICITY version 5.5 or a Machine Edition project, in addition to a CIMPLICITY version 5.5 or over project.

Network on the CIMPLICITY Web Server Home page

Network project options

Network on CIMPLICITY Web Server Home page

The Web server Home page displays when a user enters an explicit server URL in the Internet browser Address field.

The CIMPLICITY default Web pages provide a Network link in the left frame to a list of projects broadcast to the local WebView server.

Network project options

When a user selects the network access, CIMPLICITY provides the following default Web pages:


Network projects


Project (network)


Points (network project)


Alarms report (network project)


Alarm Viewer (network project)


Network project's Web Server link


Tip: The local server name displays in the Web browser left frame and the browser Address field.

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