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Using the Main Toolbar

The Process Analyst main toolbar is located above the top pane. The main toolbar contains commands that allow you to perform general operations, such as save and load Process Analyst views, print trend reports, add or remove pens, display or hide cursors and labels, and so on.

Toolbar commands can be customized; for details, see Configuring Toolbars.

The table below describes the items that are included on the main toolbar by default.

Item Description

Load View. Loads a saved view from file. For details, see Loading a view.

Save View. Saves a view to file. For details, see Saving a view.

Print. Displays the standard Windows Print dialog box for printing trend reports. For details, see Printing and Exporting.

Copy to Clipboard. Copies visible pens to the Windows Clipboard. For details, see Copying data to the Clipboard.

Export to File. Exports visible pens to an Excel-compatible file. For details, see Copying data to file.

Add Pen. Displays the Add New Pen(s) dialog box for adding a pen. For details, see Adding Pens.

Remove Pen. Deletes the currently selected pen from the trend display. For details, see Deleting Pens.

Lock/Unlock Pens. Toggles the locking of pens. For details, see Locking/Unlocking Pens.

Show/Hide Points. Toggles the display of points representing where sample data was recorded in the archive. For details, see Pens: An Overview.

Show/Hide Cursors. Toggles the display of cursors. For details, see Using Cursors.

Show/Hide Cursor Labels. Toggles the display of cursor labels. For details, see Using Cursor Labels.

Toggle Object View. Toggles the display of the Object View. For details, see Using the Object View.

Properties. Displays the Properties dialog box for configuring the Process Analyst control. For details, see Configuring the Process Analyst.

Help. Displays the Process Analyst online Help.

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